Belleville – Ménilmontant

Known for its Chinatown and its cosmopolitan influences, Belleville is captivating and friendly. There are plenty of cool bars where you can grab a drink with friends.

Belleville Park is located at the top of a hill and offers an exceptional panoramic view of Paris, perfect for dinner on the terrace at sunset.

Belleville is also known for its rich and abundant street art. Graffiti by experienced artists proudly adorns building facades across the neighbourhood. Street art gives rise to unique and creative discoveries.

Belleville and Ménilmontant are home to plenty of second-hands stores, perfect for vintage clothes shopping.

Menilmontant’s artist studios and live music bars reflect the soul of this popular, warm and authentic neighbourhood.

How do you get Belleville by metro ?

Pyrénées, Jourdain, Belleville, Couronnes et Ménilmontant.

How do you get Ménilmontant by metro ?