Le Bustronome

The unique combination of the good and the beautiful

Bus and Parisian restaurant at the same time, the Bustronome offers passengers an extraordinary experience.

Making the most of tours of Paris by bus, the Bustronome concept extends to gastronomy. Like a covered and fully glazed terrace, the Bustronome offers a striking panoramic view of the capital. All you need to do is enjoy it: Paris scrolls slowly before your eyes.

On board, the program is irresistible: discover the most beautiful views of Paris and enjoy the best of French gastronomy. Designed by the architectural firm Maxime Faure, the Bustronome combines transparency, clarity and refined woodwork for a warm and impeccable comfort regardless of the season.

In the kitchen, Chef Vincent Thiessé subtly combines authentic flavours, lightness and inventiveness. The carefully selected ingredients are served for easy tasting. On the menu, a choice of 4 dishes for lunch and 6 for dinner, served with appropriate wines.

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2 avenue Kleber 75116 Paris
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